What happens at a meeting?

When you come to a meeting, sign in at the membership table, find a seat anywhere, help yourself to food and drink, and meet your table-mates while waiting for the meeting to begin.
The President will call the meeting to order.  There will generally be a program of some sort: an ice cream social in July or August, and a dinner in December; speakers with slide shows or trunk shows the rest of the year.  There will be a business meeting, which is usually brief.

There will be a break, allowing you a few minutes to visit the Guild library, sign up for workshops or tours, pick up your block of the month, see the speaker's exhibits or goods for sale, and visit with new friends or take care of other business.  Toward the end of the evening, there will be a door prize drawing and the show-and-tell portion of the meeting.  If you have a quilt to show to an interested and appreciative audience, this is your chance.

The meeting will end around nine o'clock, give or take.  If you are new to the Guild (a visiting guest or a new member) don't be shy about asking questions!  A more experienced member can help you get acquainted with Guild activities and people.


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